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Moorea has a strong, distinguished identity. It is a thoroughbred watch that its creator, Emile Pequignet, designed to be timeless in 1984. Named after his stallion, Moorea, this collection consists of three iconic models - Origine, Trocadéro and Hossegor - available with the brand’s signature bracelet. Meticulously crafted and subtly sophisticated timepieces.
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A unique French Haute Horlogerie manufacturer, Pequignet has been designing and making watches for free-minded and independent spirits for 50 years.
It embodies a French vision of time, the one we dare to offer or the one we free ourselves from.
Wearing a Pequignet watch means asserting your freedom and proudly displaying the heritage and know-how of a Jura-based manufacturer that designs exceptional calibres.

Pequignet has its own special way of offering access to uninhibited Haute Horlogerie.

Known for their signature mesh, Moorea watches combine the preciousness of gold with the power of steel. Discover Moorea watches for men and women.