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Royale GMT Watch

GMT, sunray blue dial

The Royale GMT is adorned in deep blue in a unique, elegant, fashionable style. Its sunray blue dial catches the light in order to show...  See more

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The Royale GMT is adorned in deep blue in a unique, elegant, fashionable style. Its sunray blue dial catches the light in order to show off better the steel finish.
The Royale has two new complications: GMT and the day / night indicator to give a unique model: To date the Royale GMT is the only timepiece in the world with double UTC time zone and triple jumping hours in its complete calendar.
The Royale collection is operated by the Calibre Royal, conceived, prototyped, controlled and assembled in the Pequignet Haute Horlogerie laboratories in Morteau. Its design required no less than 279 business plans; it is made of 318 components, 316 of which were designed specifically by our company. With 8 international patents, Calibre Royal is a real masterpiece of innovation... and 100% French! Lovers of watch-making will be charmed by the transparent back to its case, which reveals the balance wheel and the entire movement. The oscillating weights are positioned to allow high visibility. The large balance wheel, the lever and the swivel escape wheel can be viewed without difficulty.​



Created to enhance the Calibre Royal from which it has inherited its name, the Royale is more than a watch, it is a signature. Magnifying the only Haute Horlogerie movement to be designed and assembled in France, these timepieces with multiple complications express the exceptional know-how of Manufacture Pequignet. The pieces of the Royale collection - Origine, Saphir, Titane, Grand Sport or Paris - are intended for connoisseurs and are worn to be admired.

For people who are freed of the confines of time, but are never without a watch



A unique French Haute Horlogerie manufacturer, Pequignet has been designing and making watches for free-minded and independent spirits for 50 years.
It embodies a French vision of time, the one we dare to offer or the one we free ourselves from.
Wearing a Pequignet watch means asserting your freedom and proudly displaying the heritage and know-how of a Jura-based manufacturer that designs exceptional calibres.
Pequignet has its own special way of offering access to uninhibited Haute Horlogerie.

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